Veteran Stories:
Dorothy Hilda “Dot” Roy (née Marriott)

Air Force

  • Dorothy Roy in uniform, Ottawa 1943.

    Dorothy Roy
  • Dorothy Roy standing with her mother, Mrs. Marriott, in New Liskeard, Ontario, 1944.

    Dorothy Roy
  • Dorothy Roy in Calgary, Alberta on June 27, 2010.

    Historica Canada
  • Certificate authorizing Dorothy Roy as a courier of Top Secret documents, 1944.

    Dorothy Roy
  • Dorothy Roy stands next to the pilot who took her up in the Cessna Crane behind them, 1944.

    Dorothy Roy
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"I felt relieved to be on my own and it just made you feel that you were somebody, I guess."


I just had this awful urge to… I wanted to be in there to help out. And I was in Timmins, Ontario, my mother was there and she was going to go with me. And I couldn’t go with her; I felt I had to do it on my own. So after a week or so, I was down at Toronto visiting a friend. The first thing I ended up was at the recruiting centre and they said, can you come in by - this was a Monday or Tuesday - and they said, can you come in by Saturday? And I said, right on. So I was in right away.

I went right to Trenton and got initiated in there, like you know. It was a nice, nice place, and we done all our training and that. And then after that, I forget how long afterwards, I got a posting to Ottawa, [Royal Canadian Air Force] Headquarters. And I was there ever since.

Yes, I was a stenographer. I was under… Group Captain [Albert Oliver] Adams was my officer. And we worked with Air Vice Marshall [Alan] Ferrier, that’s the top one of the service. And he was just the next door down from me so I had to go to his place quite often. They had sworn you in as a secret officer and they just gave you that award or that [designation], so that nobody could question you if you were in the wrong place.

So I used to have to carry secret documents. I felt relieved to be on my own and it just made you feel that you were somebody, I guess. You had to make your own decisions and it helped quite a bit, because I was a very shy person. So I got along really good.

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