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Gordon Roy

Air Force

  • Gordon Roy's Discharge Certificate issued by the Canadian Field Force (No. 6 National Resources Mobilization Act Clearing Depot) on March 13, 1946.

    Gordon Roy
  • Service Certificate highlighting time served by Gordon Roy and his two siblings. F/S Gordon Roy (on left) enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1940, his sister Cpl. Rita Roy (in middle) enlisted in the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) in 1942, and his brother Sgt. Norman Roy (on right) enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1940.

    Gordon Roy
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"They chose me to be the physical education teacher. It helped a lot that I was bilingual."


I took a physical education class in [RCAF Station] Trenton, Ontario with the [Royal Canadian] Air Force. To leave, you drew a ticket from a hat, and I drew the ticket that sent me overseas. I went overseas. Over there, we drilled the men, we had sports, prepared sports for the men. They had something to do day and night. The first three months, they had us doing drills and exercises. They chose me to be the physical education teacher. It helped a lot that I was bilingual. I taught the women and the men. The women weren’t there right away, they arrived later. We gave them the same exercises as the men. The men and women from the air force got along well. We roller-skated in the evenings. The men and women couldn’t even stand up on their skates. Sometimes we called a truck and we would take the women down to another place to go skating. […] We were on the go all the time. We had hundreds of boxes of pairs of skates. While I was there in the north, in Yorkshire, pretty much everything was in English.
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