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Kim Reynolds


  • 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Korea. Kim Reynolds served with the battalion during the Korean War.

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  • Kim Reynolds

    Kim Reynolds
  • 5 Plt. Chorwan Patrol in Korea.

    Kim Reynolds
  • Photo of soldiers, 5 Sect. at Wyoming Line in Korea.

    Kim Reynolds
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"When I saw Seoul it was a pile of rubble. Today it's a beautiful city, you know. I feel good that they say we - that we helped them a lot and I feel good. I was pleased that I could, you know."


I felt sort of sorry for them, you know.  We used to go through some of the trenches they lived in and there were, there were their mains – their rice – they had rice, they carried rice in bandolier things.  And they used napalm on them.  If you ever saw an individual that had napalm… to me it was very inhuman, you know, and so… I don't know,  I just thought they were the enemy, but that was part of the game, you know?  To hate, would be a bad word, word for me.

It's a sad thing, you know? Not only did we lose [over] 500 Canadians, the Chinese lost many more than we did.  The Koreans – 354,000 graves in Seoul [South Korea].   Between two and three million civilians.  Those are, those are some of the loads that I think about that really bother me today.  In those days, it didn't.  But today, when you look back, you wonder - what's war about?

Seoul, 12 million people and the progress that they have made in Korea.  It's just unbelievable.  You know - I just couldn't imagine.  When I saw Seoul it was a pile of rubble.  Today it's a beautiful city, you know.  I feel good that they say we - that we helped them a lot and I feel good.  I was pleased that I could, you know.

The .303 Enfield.*  That's all we used, and we had – each private had a .303 Enfield.  We had, in a section, we had, we were supposed to have ten guys, but you had one Bren gunner,** and a lance corporal that supervised the Bren gun.  And the Bren gun was our main firepower.  It had as much, they told us it had as much firepower as the entire platoon with their Lee-Enfield rifles, so, it was a good weapon.

*.303 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle

**Handled Bren light machine gun

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