Veteran Stories:
Ina McGregor

  • The Memory Project, Historica Canada
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We had a locked ward too, for mental cases. It wasn’t, I believe, for mental cases up until the time just before the Second World War, and then they built an active treatment pavilion. So we got everything but, but we still had the First World War mental cases.

Some of them had… any of the Second World War who had mental problems, at that time they were doing lobotomies. I think they were partly successful and partly not. I think it was more of an experiment. They never really carried on with it after the initial operations, I believe. Apparently, it helped, but… They also tended to lose their… be more child like, forgot how to do things. But they didn’t have the terrible hallucinations and that sort of thing. It wasn’t a complete success, by any means. And I had taken some of them for drives when they were, after they’d had the operation. They were fine. They weren’t obstreperous at all. They seemed to like to go for drives.



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