Veteran Stories:
Leslie Pike

  • The Memory Project, Historica Canada
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Head wounds, body wounds, broken arms, broken legs, bullets in all parts of the body virtually. But they were treated at the Regimental Aid Post and they were, just depending on… We knew who we were carrying in the jeep ambulance. I had to make sure that the speed of it was such that the guy wouldn’t be bounced around too much if he had a broken leg, for example. So it was… that’s generally what… all kinds of wounds. All kinds of wounds.

I don’t recall the helicopters getting in to the Regimental Aid Post.* Mind you, it may have gone in a diversion around the section and gone in there. But they did come in quite often at the Casualty Collecting Post** and pick up the seriously ill, the seriously wounded soldiers, and take them back to Seoul.


*The Regimental Aid Post was the location to which all battle wounded were taken for immediate treatment and assessment.

**The Casualty Collecting Post is used to triage casualties, stabilize and evacuate the wounded. It is also the delivery point for medical resources and personnel.




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