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Bernard Joseph Daye


  • A company of naval trainees at HMCS Cornwallis, Deep Brook, Nova Scotia, May 17, 1944. Ordinary Seaman Bernard Daye is in the top row, fifth from the left.

    Bernard Daye
  • A Department of National Defence document permitting Acting/Stoker 1st Class Bernard Daye to wear the War Service Badge, "General Service" Class, February 19, 1946.

    Bernard Daye
  • Bernard Daye's Certificate of Service in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR).

    Bernard Daye
  • Bernard Daye's History Sheet for Stoker Ratings, plotting his progress in stoker training at HMCS Discovery in Vancouver, British Columbia during May and June 1944.

    Bernard Daye
  • The officers and men in HMCS Discovery, Vancouver, British Columbia, February 1944. Ordinary Seaman Bernard Daye is twelfth from the right in the second row from the top.

    Bernard Daye
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"I worked in the shipyard, helping to build them. So when I got to the ripe age of 15, I joined the navy."


I was just fresh out of school [in 1942] and was just in Vancouver [British Columbia]. Seen the ships. I worked in the shipyard, helping to build them. So when I got to the ripe age of about 15, I joined the navy. Vancouver is where we were from. So when I was navy, I went out of Halifax [Nova Scotia] on a steady basis and then crossed the English Channel with escorts, the supply ships through submarine country area out off of Halifax and the Atlantic. My duties were boiler room, making steam when needed, and the engine room. It was easy for me because I was working in the shipyards; and we had, well, you’d call them a barbecue today, but the blacksmith shop in there and they had all the, you’re under heat and that all the time. I basically enjoyed it. I was the great age of 15, so I had a lot of friends or fellows my age to become friends. We seen a lot of the world, here, in the Atlantic and we escorted the convoys over to Europe, England especially.
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