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Grace Hyde


  • Stan Canham (Grace Hyde's brother) with two buddies and three Dutch women in Holland after the liberation.

  • Grace Hyde and her husband Gilbert Hyde, a veteran of the Second World War, posed for a photo at the Hamilton stop of the Memory Project Roadshow. June 18, 2005

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"The highlight, perhaps, was receiving the M.M.M. It’s the “Member of Military Merit.”"


When I joined, we were living in Base Borden at the time. There's a (?) – that's where the government was to go if anything happened. We called it a hole in the ground – it never had a proper title, and in case war broke out, we were to go down there, my group and myself, to take care of the government. The highlight, perhaps, was receiving the M.M.M. It's the "Member of Military Merit". I never expected to receive anything like that, and mine is exactly the same one that the Queen wears, so I was quite impressed with that. And then there were write-ups, of course, that I did this and that. But all I did really was do my job, and I had terrific people working with me, and it's too bad we all couldn't have had one, but they had to choose somebody and I was Commanding Officer, so that's why I got it.
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