Veteran Stories:
Gertrude “Lovie” Luscombe née Lovgren


  • Gertrude Luscombe in October 2009.

    Historica Canada
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"I thought that I lived in just a one horse town at the time. I wanted to go see the big city. And I certainly did."


I thought that I lived in just a one horse town at the time. I wanted to go see the big city. And I certainly did. I was in Vernon, B.C. when I was 17. I was supposed to be 18 but I told stories. Well, I stayed in there just, well over a year. And I had met a fellow in the army and two years after that, I got married and had eight kids. That’s the story of my life in the package. Well, where I worked, first of all, was just as a waitress in Vancouver. They sent us back to Vancouver after, I think it was a month in Vermillion [Alberta] for basic training it took. Then they sent us back to, as I said, Vancouver. And I worked first of all in sergeants’ mess or something, worked as a waitress and then into an officers’ mess. It certainly was the last one I was working in when I got married. I met him over a ping-pong table. I loved to play, well, we called it table tennis then, but I just loved that game and he came in and saw that I liked the game and he liked the game and that was it. That’s the fellow I married for I don’t know how many years about 40 or 50 years. Well, it was very interesting. I mean, especially when you’re in the officers’ mess and you’re a young girl of 17 and they’re all older people, most of the officers have got a few years on us at that time. You know, most of them are starting from a, well, my husband was not a sergeant major, my husband was a staff sergeant, right. But the officers, there was anything from lieutenant to all three captains or whatever else is there. What they liked most, the men, apple pie. That’s a trademark with the army is pie, apple pie. Well, my mother used to send boxes of apples every once in a while, put it on a freight train and have it come out to Vermillion. I remember the box of apples, it was such a big hit with the girls, you know, to have a whole box and just divide them all out.
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