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Fred Maiden


  • Fred Maiden's Medals (L-R): 1939-45 Star; Italy Star, France and German Star, Defence Medal; Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, War Medal (1939-45), Canada Centennial Medal, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration.

    Fred Maiden
  • Badge of Rifle Calgary Regiment

    Fred Maiden
  • United Nations Emergency Force.

    Fred Maiden
  • Fred Maiden, October 2009.

    Historica Canada
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"And he was one of these gung-ho types, we used to call him Gung-Ho. Because nothing he wouldn’t do."


Joined up in Calgary to an ordnance corps. I stayed there until 1941 and went overseas. Ended up in … 5th Div, it was an armoured division. Went to Italy and that was, our first action was just before Ortona. After that, we found our own - went down to Cassino after Ortona. My favourite cousin, he was a lieutenant in the PPCLI, permanent force, he’s my favourite cousin who I looked up to. And during fall festivities,… him and his friends came out of Winnipeg, he joined up in Winnipeg. And after that, I never saw him. He was killed by Germans in Italy, by Cassino. And he was one of these gung-ho types, we used to call him Gung-Ho. Because nothing he wouldn’t do. He’d tell his troops that were under him, he wouldn’t do them unless he could do it himself. And he got strafed with a machine gun I guess, German machine gun, straight to the metal and killed him. I found him and his gravesite, he’d been killed. I thought it was the third day after the action and there’s all, first time I’d seen a real battle grave, graves where the crosses were put up in a hurry and they were later removed to a Canadian cemetery back in Canada, somewhere down east, on the East Coast, I understand. And I joined up because I looked up to him.
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