Visit Organizer Code of Conduct

For definition purposes, organizers are individuals who have signed up to host a Memory Project speaker in person or through video conference in a school or community group.

Under the code of conduct, it is understood that:

  • Organizers will interact with Memory Project staff, volunteers, and other organizers in a professional, courteous, civil, dignified, respectful, fair and equitable manner.
  • The Memory Project will not accept any sort of harassment, yelling, derogatory language, or other actions deemed disrespectful directed at staff or volunteer speakers.
  • Organizers will discuss the expectations, content, and audience of presentations with volunteer speakers before the visit, ensuring expectations can be met.
  • Organizers will give volunteer speakers the opportunity to set boundaries around topics they are not comfortable discussing. Those boundaries will be communicated by the organizer to their audience group before the speaking engagement takes place.
  • Organizers will ensure The Memory Project volunteer is comfortable in the space, by making sure the space is accessible, offering a seat prior to, during, and after the presentation, refreshments, and any other appropriate accommodations.
  • Organizers will remain with Memory Project volunteer throughout entire visit, and agree they will not leave them alone with youth, adults, persons with special needs, or any other members of the audience.

If a visit organizer is unable to adhere to these standards, The Memory Project and Historica Canada reserve the right to take action regarding any breaches of the Terms and Conditions, up to and including termination of the use of The Memory Project Speakers Bureau.